St Louis Lions Jim Shipley Featured On “This Is Silly”

st-louligans-at-tiginLocal Supporters Group St Louligan’s have posted a new Podcast in their “This is Silly” series. Offered irregularly, and in an irreverent manner, the boys and girls are serious about their support for the Lions of the Professional Development League (PDL). It may not be safe for work or children under 13.

Jim Shipley, General Manager of the St. Louis Lions joins the guys at Louligan 2 Studio (otherwise known as John’s house). Jim talks about his trip to Glasgow to see Celtic, the tryouts, the upcoming season, and more. Brad and Mitch drink heavily, and manage not to offend Jim too much. Download now, suckas!

The new episode of the Louligan Podcast “This Is Silly!” is available on our website and on iTunes. Waste a little time with us today.

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