Football for Kids by Jose Mourinho on Tuesday

Getting caught up on the GolTV broadcast schedule (all Live games are in my TV calendar in the footer of this website) I see they are showing “Football for Kids by Mourinho”. A bit of googling and it looks like it’s a DVD series produced in 2007 and released during his time at Inter Milan.

It’s two 30 minute shows on GolTV (Tuesday 10:00 am) or you can watch it as 9 short videos on YouTube if you don’t want to wait.

“Basically, this DVD isn’t about coaching. This DVD can help those to watch it to train with pleasure, and give children what today’s society can never give them. When I was 12 we played outside in the park because our parents were fine about letting us play there. Parents can’t let their children play football in the streets any more, so we have to transform the idea of football schools of clubs, which have to be organised, and keep that spirit you had when you played in the streets.”

Your former players Deco, Drogba, Ricardo Carvalho feature in the contents of the DVD. Now you know the Inter squad better, would you get them to participate as well?

“I didn’t choose these three, it was the producers of the DVD. I think it was a pleasure for them to do it for me and the children. They are all very good players with different roles. There could have been many others but I neeeded, a defender, a midfielder and a striker, and they did very well.

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