Luis Soffner’s Superb Swan Song

luis-soffner-indiana-hoosiers by Herald TimesThe SLUH high grad is featured on following the Indiana Hoosier’s win Sunday in the NCAA Final. Soffner’s superb swan song – In final college game, Indiana keeper wins title, MOP honors

To look at Luis Soffner, with his full beard and steely eyes, you may think he was a UFC fighter instead of a soccer goalie. To see him on the field, particularly in Sunday’s national championship game, you may think he’s both.

Soffner, a fifth-year senior for the Hoosiers, made a few diving saves throughout the battle with Georgetown to preserve a national championship that had eluded him for nearly his entire collegiate career.

“I’m just so excited,” Soffner said, nearly coming out of his seat. “We’ve come close the previous three years, but this year, especially to go out like this, to end my career at Indiana here on top is the best feeling ever.”

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On a related note, Soccer America offered some background on the NCAA champions that should open some eyes here in St Louis

The only player in Todd Yeagley’s starting lineup who would considered a top 10 recruit is Eriq Zavaleta.

But the growth of Indiana youth soccer — thanks to the work Jerry Yeagley had done crossing the state to promote the sport in communities who didn’t know what soccer was — means that there is plenty of local talent to keep the Hoosiers competitive. Zavaleta, a former U.S. U-17 national team defender, was one of seven starters against Georgetown who hail from Indiana.

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