2012 Metro Catholic Conference (MCC) All-Conference Soccer

BJ Tucker, DeSmet advances ball against Devin Boyce, CBC

BJ Tucker, DeSmet advances ball against Devin Boyce, CBC

The MCC has just released is 2012 soccer honors, and there are both familiar faces and developing players in the making included. SoccerSTL covered 13 games this past season that featured one or more MCC squads. Check out the photos here.

Name School Position Year
L J Adewumni CBC Forward Senior
Xhovani Dokaj CBC Defender Senior
Nathan Griffin CBC Keeper Senior
Tommy Barlow Chaminade Forward Junior
Jason Pesek Chaminade Midfield Senior
Curtis Shillingsford Chaminade Defender Senior
David Stoll Chaminade Midfield Senior
Dominic Berra DeSmet Midfield Senior
Kevin Lewman DeSmet Defender Senior
BJ Tucker DeSmet Forward Senior
Adam Michel Vianney Midfield Junior
Blake Smugala Vianney Defender Senior
Zack Hoffman SLUH Forward Senior
Jack Robinson SLUH Keeper Junior
Name School Position Year
Joe Corbett CBC Midfield Senior
Dave Geerling CBC Midfield Junior
Craig McLaurine CBC Forward Senior
AJ Palazzolo CBC Midfield Freshman
Jordan Bay Chaminade Forward Senior
Brendan Ebert Chaminade Back Junior
Matt Kilwin Chaminade Back Senior
Kaleb Jackson DeSmet Midfield Junior
Jake Koenig DeSmet Keeper Senior
John Russo DeSmet Defender Sophomore
Mike Albes Vianney Midfield Junior
Eric Biras Vianney Midfield Junior
Ryan Murphy Vianney Forward Senior
Joe Grady SLUH Midfield Senior
Chris Gys SLUH Defender Senior
Name School Position Year
Devin Boyce CBC Midfield Sophomore
Tommy Lee CBC Midfield Junior
Chris McArthur CBC Defender Junior
Josh Burnett Chaminade Defender Sophomore
Ryan Fagan Chaminade Midfield Junior
Brendan Kissel Chaminade Midfield Senior
Ryan Matteo Chaminade Midfield Freshman
Dan Reilly Vianney Defender Senior
Vince Riggio Vianney Defender Senior
Joe Fisher SLUH Defender Senior
Tommy Hill SLUH Midfield Junior

Congratulations to each of these players and their accomplishments this past season!

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