USYF Midwest Regional Futsal Tourney Results

The 2013 USYF Midwest Regional Futsal Tournament was held last weekend at three facilities in the metropolitan area. I enjoyed three games in the High School Boys age group.

The results from the weekend are provided below, also available on the US Youth Futsal website. The Champions and Finalist in each division receive an automatic bid to USYF National Tournament, February 15-18, in New Century, KS (SW of Kansas City).

The most exciting game I saw (all of them were enjoyable and fast paced) was the semifinal between the U16 Avalon Red and SLSG Nimrods. The game finished 7-6 in Avalon’s favor that went back and forth with the game-winner scored in the final minutes. The photo above (and below) is from that game.

The semifinal between Kirkwood United and SportsTutor in the Boys U18 bracket was closer than the final score indicated. Kirkwood lost 2-9 to a team that included national team member Lucas Stauffer who was responsible for the first three goals scored and was brought in at the end to close out the game.

Photos from the three games that featured Kirkwood United, Avalon/Missouri Rush, SLSG and Lou Fusz Siafu can be found on my photo site

USYF Midwest Regional Futsal
Gender /Age Champion Finalist
Boys U10 City Futsal Sporting Mustache
Boys U11 City Futsal Garvilla- Black
Boys U12 City Futsal Storm
Boys U13 Bullets PN
Boys U14 SportsTutor 99 Mike Butz
Boys U15/16 WI Futsal Academy Avalon – Red
Boys U17/18 SportsTutor 95 Lou Fusz Siafu
Girls U10 PAO – Greece Lou Fusz- Zakaria
Girls U11 PAO SportsTutor 02
Girls U12 Elam Bayern Munich SportsTutor 01 Green
Girls U13 S. Elam Blue SportsTutor 00

If you are interested in learning more about the game, Gateway Futsal offers authorized leagues in the region while STL Futsal, which opened recently in St Charles, offers training, leagues as well as open time for teams and clubs looking to utilize the space for their training purposes.

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