Rise as One

Rise as One by Fox SportsA day late on this one but I’m betting plenty of you missed it as well. Fox Sports created “Rise As One,” a six-episode soccer series showcasing some of the most uplifting stories in sport, was introduced on FOX Sports 1 Tuesday. The new documentary series will showcase some of soccer most memorable and incredible tales in the run up to the 2014 World Cup.

“Rise As One” debuts with the powerful story of the Japanese women’s World Cup winning team, which overcame the devastation of the 2001 tsunami and the Fukushima disaster to become a focus of healing for their nation. The episode features key members of th at 2011 squad, including star player Homare Sawa, coach Norio Sasaki, and Karina Maruyama, who worked part-time in the Fukushima power plant.

Here’s the trailer for the show

You can read more at Fox Sports. In the meantime, do a search for RISE AS ONE on your cable box and catch the first episode on repeat. 5pm Thursday is one. I’ve added the six episodes to my Soccer On TV calendar so we won’t miss any more.

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