Footprints Matches April 22nd for Cardinal Glennon

Footprints Soccer FundraiserFOOTPRINTS FUNDRAISER

Cor Jesu, Rosati-Kain, St. Dominic and Ursuline are raising money for the Footprint’s Program at Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center. Footprint’s provides financial assistance for families with seriously and terminally ill children.

At 4 p.m. on April 22, Cor Jesu will host Rosati-Kain. Each player on both teams will wear special jerseys from Soccer Master that they will purchase for $15. Jerseys for fans will be available for purchase through the school as well for $15. There will be a small admission charge to the game and a concession stand will be available to help raise money, which will also be donated to Footprints.

Marsha Koeller wristband

Molly Ream wears a Marsha Koeller wristband, 2013

Ursuline will host St. Dominic in their game at the same time, at 4 p.m. on April 22. Fans will also be able to support Footprints via jersey purchases, game admission and concessions. There will also be a raffle.

Everyone has a story for why they are involved in this effort. As I understand it, for Coach Beekman of Ursuline it is a sibling. For Coach Koeller at St Dominic, well, here’s his story

…when I was asked three years ago to join in this effort by then IWA coach Annie Beekman I did not hesitate to answer her request with an emphatic “Yes!”. All I heard was Cardinal Glennon and the title “Footprints” and I was sold! The story below explains my reason….


As my photo of Molly Ream above shows, the Crusader girls are still wearing armbands to this day remembering Marsha Koeller. Her daughters Madeline (#12) and Mary (#2) will be on the pitch Monday.

Both games are followed by JV games as well…..Ursuline is white , St Dominic are navy….. The schools are asking for a $1 donation at the door for every fan to get the youngsters involved from area grade schools!

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