Mid-Rivers SC Merging with SLSG Soccer

Mid-Rivers Albert Grosch

Mid-Rivers Albert Grosch

The Mid-Rivers Soccer Club has a hand shake agreement to merge with St Louis Scott Gallagher SC and transfer ownership of the Club’s training facility in Cottleville. The agreement in principle awaits a formal transfer that was delayed by the recent USL PRO franchise agreement that SLSG announced at the St Louis Soccer Park on Thursday. That is where I met with long-time MRSC CEO Albert Grosch, pictured above. You can hear the interview by clicking on the link below.

I have been told by a source within SLSG that the individual Mid-Rivers teams will be grandfathered into SLSG at their current Club Fee rate (info below) rather than the $700 fee that SLSG teams pay. As Grosch notes in our conversation, the facilities Mid-Rivers SC developed in the heart of St Charles County were very attractive to a number of clubs who have discussed a possible merger over the past several years. Add in population growth and the quality of the players found at teams like St Dominic, Duchesne, Howell North and others and it is seen as a means for creating more growth for the Club in this Western expansion.

From the Club’s website, the history of Mid-Rivers Soccer Club is as the oldest club in St. Charles County. It was formed in 1986, as a non-profit organization, out of the need for a club that fostered the mental and physical development of youth, through training, study and practice of the game. It has allowed youth to participate in club soccer as a less expensive alternative to higher priced organization. “More play for less pay” is the clubs motto.

The club presently consists of approximately 20 teams, boys and girls, that range from U8-U18. All coaches are unpaid volunteers. The club currently has 2 trainers. (Pete Collico, Dan O’Keefe)

Mid-Rivers Soccer Club has always emphasized the importance of keeping the cost of playing with the club, to a minimum. Until recently, Mid-Rivers has never had a club fee, but the board of directors saw it necessary to institute the club fee to help cover the development and maintenance of our new training facility. While many clubs have club fees of $300 and overall fees of over $1,000, the Mid-Rivers club fee is $200 or less per year (age dependent) and the overall typical cost per player per year for our teams typically range from $300- $600, depending on tournaments, leagues and other activity participated in by each team.

Each coach is responsible for setting his own fees, based on his team’s cost for league play, tournament fees and any other team expenses. (balls, cones, sweats) Many of the teams also have fundraisers to help offset costs, and keep fees down.

Mid Rivers Soccer Club  Training Facility

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