Lou Fusz Popovic Captures U14B State Title

2014 Lou Fusz U14 Boys win Missouri State Cup;  Sporting STL McMahon vs LF Popovic Jun-08

Caleb Mundle fires over the GK shoulder in 23rd for game-winner

A goal by forward Caleb Mundle (#13) was the difference in the title game today at Lou Fusz Soccer Complex in Creve Coeur. It was Caleb’s second opportunity on a run into the box, the first stopped by the goalkeeper who came out and made himself very large to force the shot wide. The second time he was not to be denied.

Receiving a diagonal ball over the left backs head, Caleb headed straight to goal drawing the center back coming over to cover. A brief moment of in-decision, go or cover the GK who was headed out to meet the challenge near the top of the box, provided the window for a quality finish over the shoulder of the keeper and reliably on frame.

Coming in the 23rd minute, it was book-ended by a pair of goal line clearances by the LF defense that maintained the clean sheet. A ball off the upright in the first half and a key challenge by the LF GK in the second half after Billy Hency (#5) dribbled past five players and appeared set to tie the game ensured Lou Fusz would advance.

Pictures and an audio interview with Caleb and Byron coming later tonight (after 12pm and 3pm games today).

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