The Soccer Game That Changed Lives in Afghanistan

usarmy-afghan-soccer-womenA story about our favorite game, one that brings countries and cultures together through the shared experience of playing the game. In this case, it’s 2004 amid the height of the Afghanistan war. A team created from Coalition forces, that included two female American officers, played against an Afghan squad that included players from all over the country.

Nothing could have prepared the Coalition players for the scene that awaited them in Charikar. Throngs of people lined the street leading to the stadium. “The Afghans had advertised the match on fliers and on the radio!” Josh Walters says, shaking his head in amazement. The local organizers’ efforts worked; more than a thousand fans showed up.

“But there were no women in the crowd,” Emily notes. People sat atop the walls and watched from tree branches. Ten other soccer teams attended, wearing their uniforms in a show of national unity.

It’s quite a story and the finish will bring tears to your eyes as it touches on common human emotions, irregardless of place or beliefs. Read it here – From the War Zone – The Soccer Game That Changed Lives in Afghanistan

A hat tip to Vince Gentile at SLU Women’s Soccer for sharing the story.

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