Northwest and Parkway West Varsity Boys Soccer Tournament

Westminster Captures Class 3 District 6 soccer title with OT win over Parkway West

Parkway West (wh) vs Westminster (bl) in Class 3 District 6 Final, 2014

A season-opening tournament, co-hosted by the Northwest Lions and Parkway West, helps kick off the Boys High School season in fine fashion. Twelve teams feature from a wide geographic area, with games being played at five locations over the course of the next seven days (with rain days built in).

Participating Teams, who are broken up into four pools of three each, will play a pair of group games to determine playoff games beginning Thursday at Parkway West. Those games will determine the Championship match and Consolation match to be played Friday at Northwest.

Pool A features hosts Parkway West and Northwest, who are the defending Class 4 District 1 champions and have significant ambitions this season. The problem – ALL 5 of the MCC teams are part of their Final 4 group. They are paired with a pair of Class 3 foes in Parkway West and West Plains. The Zizzer’s are venturing into St Louis for the first time in awhile, a good sign for a team that reached the Final 4 in 2006 (Class 2 at the time) but has faced Rolla and Glendale throughout. For the Longhorn’s, a dramatic 2nd OT loss in the District Final last year certainly still burns but with a strong core, they will believe in their opportunity this year.

Pool B includes Class 4 squads Pattonville and Oakville along with Class 3 Farmington. All three reached their District final only to fall. Oakville lost to Mehlville in the District playoffs last year but should be positioned for District success. Pattonville fell to Howell Central, who went to the Final 4 last year and will look to replace their GK and Central midfield. Farmington’s loss to Poplar Bluff was an upset and they should be chasing a title this year. With all of the MCC squads in Districts 1-4, Oakville and Pattonville are part of a 16 team Public school grouping that will be a brawl as the teams work to take advantage of the situation.

Pool C has Class 4 Lafayette and Howell North along with the Class 3 Windsor Owls. The Owls got smacked by eventual State Champion Webster Groves in their District semifinal and face the same challenge with Webster and Rockwood Summit sharing District 3 along with Pacific. This tournament is a great opportunity to begin the building effort to be prepared for the most important games in October. Howell North fell to Hazelwood West in the District 6 final and will face Hazelwood Central and Pattonville come the playoffs. Lafayette lost to Vianney who are part of District 2 along with Kirkwood and Parkway South.

Pool D is led by Class 3 Summit along with Class 4 squads Fox and Washington. A good regional grouping, Summit will be preparing to challenge Webster Groves again this year for the District 3 title. Fox is now part of District 8. No change in teams from District 2 last year but the reason all the MCC teams are now in one Final 4 group. Like Oakville, they hope to win hardware this year against Lindbergh and Mehlville. Washington faces Timberland, who beat them and then Troy Buchanan in OT last year to win the title. Holt is the fourth member of District 8.

Date Time Match Location/Results
Fri Aug 21 17:00 Parkway West vs. West Plains 10-0 PW
Fri Aug 21 19:00 Oakville vs. Pattonville 2-1 Oak
Sat Aug 22 09:00 Farmington vs. Pattonville 2-2
Sat Aug 22 11:00 Northwest vs. West Plains 6-0 NHS
Mon Aug 24 17:00 Windsor vs. FH North 0-4 FHN
Mon Aug 24 17:00 Farmington vs. Oakville 2-2
Mon Aug 24 19:00 Summit vs. Fox 3-0 RS
Mon Aug 24 19:00 Northwest vs. P. West 2-0 NHS
Tue Aug 25 17:00 Washington vs. Fox 1-5 Fox
Tue Aug 25 19:00 Windsor vs Lafayette 2-3 LA
Wed Aug 26 16:30 Lafayette vs. FH North 0-0
Wed Aug 26 17:30 Summit vs. Washington 3-0 RS
Thu Aug 27 17:00 Northwest vs Oakville – Winners bracket 3-1 NW
Thu Aug 27 19:00 Howell North vs. Summit 0-2 RS
Thu Aug 27 17:00 Parkway West vs Farmington – 2nd Bracket 2-4 F
Thu Aug 27 19:00 Lafayette vs Fox 2-0 L
Fri Aug 28 16:00 Oakville vs Howell North Northwest High School
Fri Aug 28 18:00 Northwest vs Summit Northwest High School

RESULTS as of Tuesday August 25
Win = 4 points
Tie = 2 point
Shutout = 1 point

Pool A
Northwest 2 0 0 10 1st Place
Parkway West 1 1 0 5 2nd Place
West Plains 0 2 0 0
Pool B
Oakville 1 0 1 6 1st Place
Farmington 0 0 2 4 2nd Place
Pattonville 0 1 1 2
Pool C
Lafayette 1 0 1 7 2nd Place
FH North 1 0 1 8 1st Place
Windsor 0 2 0 0

Howell North advances by earning a 5-0 win over Windsor for a pair of shutout points. Lafayette’s 3-2 win earned them only 4 points, rather than 5.

Pool D
Summit 2 0 0 10 1st Place
Fox 1 1 0 4 2nd Place
Washington 0 2 0 0
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