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St Charles West Captures 2nd Consecutive District soccer Title

Megan Keeven looks towards goal during the Class 2 District title match on May 18, 2016

College Signing Day is next Wednesday, when Soccer players sign their National Letter of Intent. If you will be signing Wednesday or in the days soon thereafter, there are a few things to take care of as part of college recruiting.

First, make sure I know about your commitment so I can add you to my recruiting database. It allows me to help recognize you as well as tracking your future efforts in the game. eMail to or tweet me at @SoccerSTL

Secondly, your school will likely ask you for a photo to use on their website to promote you as part of their signing class. In order to use one of my photos, you either need to purchase it or the school needs to credit me and my website. They prefer not having to clutter up their story with those details so purchase is a good path.

St Charles West Captures 2nd Consecutive District soccer Title

Megan Keeven looks towards goal during the Class 2 District title match on May 18, 2016

Megan Keeven of St. Charles West (pictured above and below) purchased a shot tonight (Thanks John!) for UWM (University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee) who will welcome her and Allie Nisch (Timberland/Sporting JBM) this Fall. Thanks for the picture order as well Allie!

Ordering a picture is simple. Visit my SmugMug photo site and then use the Search function in the left sidebar and search for your school or club name. I suggest choosing Galleries then (under the search box and above the pictures that are returned). I searched for St Charles West and then, using the drop down box at the far right, choose newest. This is what is available – click here. Look for a game album and then a picture. When you find one, you’ll see the BUY button on the bottom right. Choose THIS PHOTO, then When you click you’ll be given three options, one of which is DOWNLOADS. Choose PERSONAL LICENSE and you can download one of three sizes. You can purchase the smallest size and it will be fine for Web use. With your purchase, I include the right to use the photo for web promotion for you and your team(s).

If you want to make prints later, buy the 4MB size and then take it to CVS or Walgreens or anyplace that will print photos for you.

Turns out I got a number of photos of Megan during the District title game against Winfield. Three of the other shots are in the gallery below and a smaller version above so you can see how keeping the photo simple will stand out better in smaller sizes.

I shoot photos horizontal so they spread across the page like above. Your school doesn’t necessarily need that, they are really looking for either a head shot or a simple girl with ball shot, often in vertical format or for instagram now. Or they want lots of green space to add their logo, I put an example like that down at the bottom (they’ll do it much better)

So the picture I suggested for Megan is the one at the top of the post (as well as 150×150 square just above and at the bottom with a team logo). It offers a few ways of being used while putting her in the best light. It can be cropped vertically, taking the defender out of the photo, or it can be used as is or with the added logo or other graphics schools are using now.

Now, support this website and order a picture (or two, or three!) Thanks and congratulations!

BTW, check out the home field at UWM! Garage roof deck overlooking downtown Milwaukee. Sweet.


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