2017 St Louis Soccer Hall of Fame Class Announced


Tom Howe (L) and Buzz Demling (R) with the St. Louis Stars in 1972

We are pleased to announce the following individuals who will be inducted into the St Louis Soccer Hall of Fame Class of 2017.

Pat Baker, Billy Becher, Sam Bick, Pat Gaffney, Keith Gehling, Jack Jamieson,Tony Kuster, Jeff Sendobry, Herb Silva, Mike Sorber, and Jamie Swanner. Pat, Keith, and Jack are being inducted from the Veterans Group.

Monsignor Jimmy Johnston: Bob Reid
Bob Burnes Benchwarmer: Dan Gaffney and Tom Howe
Jimmy Dunn High School Coach: Buzz Demling, Barat Academy
Monsignor Meyer Team Award: 1967 NCAA Division I Co-Champions St. Louis University and Michigan State.

Future Stars and Keough Awardees will be announced later.

SAVE THE DATE FOR THE ONE SOCCER EVENT OF THE YEAR – THURSDAY October 19, 2017 at the America’s Center.

My photos from the 2015 event

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