How To, including Photo Usage

If you are interested in finding information on anyone or anything, use the Search box available on the top right corner. Type in an individuals name, a location, a team, whatever you are interested in, and if I have written about it you will be directed to the stories where that item is located.

All photos on this site are hosted at Smugmug, a professional photo and video hosting site that allows you to purchase prints, photos on merchandise such as aprons, postcards and other or download the image for either personal or commercial use.

Another way to get to the photo site is the link in the right sidebar of this site, advertising the availability of my photos for purchase. It will redirect you to the Smugmug site. Note that photo sales help cover my costs of the website, the photo hosting and travel expenses. My camera gear is professional level and needs regular investment and maintenance on my part. Your help is appreciated.

Pictures and videos can be shared on your team or Club website. Click on any photo from the gallery and in the bottom right you’ll see an arrow (on the left of a few options including the Buy button) and if you choose Get a Link you’ll see some options. Gallery links would allow you to add a Slideshow to your site, or embeddable Links add individual photos.

As to the story, you can ‘excerpt’ it, meaning grab a paragraph to illustrate the story and then add a link to the original story so anyone wanting to read more will then visit my site to learn more about the game and what I’m doing to cover soccer here in St Louis.

To download photos from the site, click on the photo. Underneath the title of the photo, you will see a small icon of a magnifying glass with the words “all sizes” next to it. Click on the icon and it will take you to the download page for the photo. First choose the size of the photo you would like (listed above the photo) and then click on the “download the xxx size” where xxx represents the size you chosen in the earlier step.

Comments are welcomed and appreciated by the webmaster and the subjects of the story usually. To add a comment, click on the link below the article that says “Comments”. You will then be able to offer a comment and if you like, an email address so folks can get in touch with you directly. If you have a website, you can send them to the site to see what you have to offer. I moderate the comments meaning if there is foul language or behaviour it will not be added to the site. It means it may take a little bit of time to add it to the site although I am notified by email so it doesn’t take to long usually. I have not deleted any comments so far.

This site is available as a ‘feed’ using RSS technology. For example, with Safari on the Mac or Firefox on Mac or Windows, you can ‘subscribe’ and anytime there is a new story it will be accessible for your pleasure. Yahoo & Google also offer the ability to subscribe to websites that are Blogs which this site is.

If you have questions or would like to learn more, contact me using the “Contact” page. You can see it on the left where you found this “How To” page.

Thanks for visiting. Comments and Suggestions are always welcome!

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