Kick Around

There are several opportunities for individuals to participate in informal soccer games throughout the metropolitan area.

There is a St Louis Pick Up Soccer Facebook Group that is active with games several times a week.

MeetUp has several pick up games listed, including Tower Grove Park, also Heman Park in Clayton, as well as Tiemeyer Park in St Ann.

For soccer viewing afterwards, check out Barrister’s in Clayton or Amsterdam Tavern just South of Tower Grove Park which is also home to the American Outlaws Chapter in St Louis.

Knee surgery lets grandfather keep kickingThis article describes a group of Over 50 players who have been playing in Fenton City Park on Sunday mornings for over five years.

They formed an informal group, Fenton Over 50, and moved to Fenton City Park. Once word got out, older players followed from other areas around the region. Members range in age from their 50s to over 90.
Organized? Only that they show up to play. They choose sides, so there are no set teams. They have two sets of shirts, red for one team, white for the other.
It doesn’t matter how many people show up at 9:30 a.m. each Sunday. It’s informal.

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