Social Media and Privacy

Social media is a part of the daily life for the majority of us. Like many topics, it can be overwhelming. Taking the time to consider the many ways your personal information can be appropriated and impact you negatively points to the need to better understand what is involved and what you can do to balance the fun of sharing your life with family and friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more with the downsides.

I’ll offer some suggestions below for the the main platforms that I use on a daily basis, here as well in my primary business and personal life. That will include security as well as how to better use the tools for your college recruiting effort. Longer term, the same tools will become your primary resume as you grow in your career as well.

I suggest you start with an overall discussion of what you’d like to accomplish, including what boundaries (privacy) you would like to set. As a start, here’s an book (in PDF format) to begin the conversation.

Take Control of Your Online Privacy
This book was provided to me by Agile Bits, a software provider who’s 1Password product I have been using for several years. I highly recommend their product for use on your Windows or Macintosh systems as well as on iPhone and Android phones. I have used all iterations although I now am solely a Windows/Android user.

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