Team Schedules and Rosters

To cover a game properly, I need to know who, what, when and where. You can help ensure I know about your team and increase coverage opportunities by helping me with some homework.

When you share your schedule with me, I add it to my St Louis Soccer Calendar. That is where I start when considering my coverage plans for the day and week.

I need your schedule in spreadsheet form. The easiest method (for me) is if you use the link below and download the template I use. There’s an advantage for you as well. This template can be used to import calendars into your Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and most other online calendars. Once complete, you’ll be able to share it with friends and family.

Game Schedule Varsity only please

Team Roster

The roster template (above) will ensure I can properly identify the players. I ask for some additional information beyond the normal that offer background such as who are the captains, recognition received the previous year as well as Club affiliation (if they play Club) and if they have committed to play in college.

An example of both spreadsheets are shown below, helping you complete the information. When you finish, you can email me the spreadsheets.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me and I can walk you through the process. Use this to determine if I’ve received the information for your team already, before taking the time to do this homework.


Both spreadsheets have Horizontal scroll bars along the bottom for additional columns. The downloaded forms have the same information embedded within.

You can download a version of the spreadsheet in what is known as CSV format (comma separated values). That turns it into a simple text file which is what I use to upload it into my calendar. That is the preferred format for Google and other online services.

With Google Calendar, under the Other Calendars section you see – Import Calendar. I then import it and I’m ready to go as are your fans. A school might want to set up a Google Calendar for each of the sports and that is done in Settings, create Calendar. In my case I have College Men, College Women, High School, Pro’s and Soccer on TV. That is how I color code and separate the activities.

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